Martha Castilho
Just a beautiful teenager.

My name is Martha, i'm a 12 year old teenager. I have future plans with my life, I come in Stardoll to have fun and mostly, meet new people & learn new languages. Stardoll has helped me alot through-out the year. At 8,when I started at my first few months I knew the key board by my head, I could type without looking. Which obviously got most of my computer grades up. I've joined virtual games,for my school practicing. Runescape, Stardoll, Club penguin, etc. Until I though of it more than just a game to practice. I think of Bimmy-Mimmy as half of my life. She has all my money in it :P and my hard work and mostly, my great friends. YASEMIN, has been the most hectic part of my life. She has helped me through out a long time, and tbh I love her more than anyone in Stardoll. She's my real life friend "lets" say. My only passion is horseback riding. I have a boyfriend,here in brazil ;) I'm not a loser, like most of the people in Stardoll. Most of you guys come to Stardoll to know friends. Some don't have rl friends. THANKFULLY i'm full of friends,and all of the other types. I LOVE school, being with my friends and just being a teenager. :)