Sunday, February 13, 2011


I'm re-opening the blog, it has been a while... Most of you may know my account, Bimmy-Mimmy was deleted.. I'm now on Sasha1296, so you know this banner on the right side of the blog? :| Well, its supposed to be Sasha1296 now. I hope you can understand this big miss understanding.. Anyways, this blog is under construction, it will hopefully turn out to be a blog where you can look forward in ordering presentations, learning how to make presentations, and all those other things. :)

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Introducing myself.

Hello. My name is Martha and I made this blog to do presentation. I have the gift of doing amazing presentations since I joined Stardoll. I have stopped for a while, in the past. I was very well known as "Martha the marvelous presentation maker", I have made over 1OO presentations in the past, and I think it's time to take this business on. Have fun, check the blog out.

But most of all...